When Your Accidentally Wind Up On a Paranormal Investigation

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So, I wound up with an EMF detector in my hand last night. My first time, and not what I was expecting.ghost tour emf detectorI love doing ghost tours. They’re a great way to see a city at night, learn local history and lore, and be entertained. I’m out in the Shenadoah this weekend so some friends and I decided to meet up for some spirited fun.

There was nothing on the flyer to indicate our 10PM tour was of a more “scientific” nature and I was a little surprised when the guide announced we’d soon be holding equipment to aid our investigations.

But I was open. I loved watching the first season or two of Ghost Hunters when they were all about debunking and ruling out causes. This could be fun.ghost tour emf scanner

ghost tour daniel morgan statue

It started off ok with some historical background by the statue of a war hero. A fine mist was falling and I found myself outside a cemetary fence calling out to any Civil War soldiers who might want to talk to us. The spirits had more sense then I did and weren’t out.

No sign of ghostly figure behind me

No sign of ghostly figure behind me, despite the flash

We got a few spikes on the EMF and colored buttons, but the evening and the tour ran long as our guide tried without success to give us an experience. It was an interesting evening to be sure, but it lost appeal when the “voices” that came in over the electromagnetic receiver sounded rather like fragments from local radio stations.

ghost tour emf detectors

I’ll be sticking to the historical/folk lore walks I’m used to, though if I ever get a chance to participate in a real scientific investigation I’d jump on it.

What’s your best ghost tour experience? For me, it was probably touching the hand of an 800 year old Crusader in Dublin (though, that’s not technically a ghost).

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