“Lucky You!” First Class Discrimination or Pleasantry?

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Last week an actress tweeted her unhappiness about her experience at the airport.

Danielle Brooks tweets about the gate agents commenting "lucky you"

image via NY Daily News

Danielle Brooks, who stars in Orange is the New Black, was rather put out by the agent’s comment that she was “lucky” to be flying in first class. And many of her followers immediately assumed discrimination or racism.

I wasn’t there, I have no idea what the full context was, but a remark like that isn’t that surprising. I’ve many situations where the airline, hotel, or rental car agent was surprised, perhaps even a little skeptical of my elite status based on my appearance.

In one memorable encounter renting a car as Avis Chairman, the representative actually blurted out “But you don’t look old enough to be a Chairman!”

And let’s face it. I probably didn’t. I don’t always dress like a business professional and when I’m really excited I look 12 years old. 🙂

I’ve also had plenty of friendly agents who recognize that an upgrade or better seat is a happy thing and not most people’s travel experience. When I get the “lucky you” response, I assume good faith, agreeing that the flight will indeed be better, sometimes even comparing notes on the best upgrade or worse seat experience.

The only time I get annoyed by passenger profiling is when it’s done by other passengers. Those few folks who try to push by me in the boarding queue every time because they assume I’m not one of those eligible to board first. But even then, it is what it is.

What’s been your most memorable “lucky you” experience?

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