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Trying Hello Fresh’s Jamie Oliver Recipes? You May Want a Sous Chef

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I’m a big fan of the meal delivery services — they’re not cheap per se but definitely save time, especially when doing a lot of travel, and make it convenient to cook at home.

New innovations are constantly rolling out, but even my favorites, Blue Apron and Hello Fresh have room for improvement. Take Hello Fresh’s option with recipes created by Jamie Oliver. In practice it sounds ideal — a simple approach to cooking even more exotic or fancy flavors! Apparently in reality it misses the mark.

My friends expressed it best in this humorous Facebook review that I have to share:

So we (my wife and I) are HelloFresh meal ingredient delivery people. It has many positive benefits – exact meal proportions, sometimes interesting recipes etc. But recently this guy named Jamie Oliver (no, not of Islesboro origin) has thrust upon the recipe scene.

Here is my review of his recipes vs. the others and the impact upon the desirability of the service as a whole.

His recipes have 12 steps instead of the 5.5 average of the other recipes.


His recipes generate nearly twice as many dirty prep dishes – with many of them generated by needlessly trivial steps which don’t add to the meals tastiness, but just to the cleanup (who likes more cleanup?).

The instructions are not thought out well – regarding timing of readiness vs prep of other steps.

Most recently his recipe called for making skewers out of a chicken breast by pounding, then spearing, then frying, then cutting them — all to make them be skewers.

Please HelloFresh, hire someone and get some real ideas with an emphasis on good and easy and not a mess. #hellojamie – goodbye please.

I’m willing to put in more effort if it yields significantly better meals, but I can’t imagine a chicken skewer being worth it. So for now I will skip the 12 step featured recipes and stick to the 5-6 step options I’m used to.

A Hello Fresh chicken skewer recipe from earlier this summer

A Hello Fresh chicken skewer recipe from earlier this summer

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