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Great Deal on HelloFresh! Perfect Gift Idea for Travelers & Family

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I’m a huge fan of HelloFresh, a delivery service that sends all the (fresh) ingredients needed to cook 3 meals to your doorstep, perfect for folks who are constantly traveling and/or don’t have the time to grocery shop and don’t want a fridge full of spoiling items.

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I was skeptical when Jeanne first introduced me to it, but I’ve become a huge fan. Not just for the convenience, but also because it’s improving my cooking skills and doubles as a social event when I have friends over.

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LivingSocial currently has an offer for new customers of only $29 a box which includes shipping! A great gift for people always on the go, or (since it’s so easy to use) for someone you don’t know what to get.

Interestingly enough, you can actually get a slightly better deal using my referral code N9DW9L. That code will get you $40 off your first box making it the same $29 including shipping. But then you can also go through a cashback portal to get more benefits, such as 850 American Airline miles,  700 Alaska Airline miles, or 30% cashback through (You’ll enter my referral code at checkout to get the $40 discount).

But regardless of which deal you choose, it’s definitely worth considering for yourself or as a holiday gift for others!


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