Hello Fresh Reviews: Easing From Vacation to Real Life

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One of life’s little luxuries after a long trip is having fresh ingredients for interesting meals without having to shop. Or think.

I’m trying to do a better job of making the transition from vacation to real life much easier on myself so I don’t immediately feel like I need another trip! So I experimented with planning ahead for meals.

I got back from 3 weeks in Asia on a Tuesday night, and thanks to HelloFresh, on Wednesday a box with new recipes and ingredients was delivered. (If only I could have added a few staples like milk or Cheezits, I would have been all set!)

HelloFresh Souvenirs

I’ve been a big fan of HelloFresh ever since Jeanne introduced me to it last summer. Not only did it demystify complicated recipes, teach me new cooking skills, and provide a great way to entertain friends without leaving home, but it made it much easier to eat healthy while saving me much needed time at the grocery store.

I put it on pause in November since my travel schedule was so hectic I wouldn’t have time to cook all the meals (even though most ingredients last up to two weeks) and was excited to resume last week when I finally had a lull.

In the interim, it appears that HelloFresh got a new look and became more eco-friendly. Gone is the styrofoam cooler within a cardboard box and reusable icepacks.

Hello Fresh Review New Packaging

Instead, it’s a smaller box with an insulated bag and frozen bottles of HelloFresh branded water to keep things cool. It worked just great for Virginia in early March, but I’m wondering how long it will last outside a front door in 100 degree summer heat…

Hello Fresh Review Insulated Bag

Hello Fresh Review Frozen Water Bottles

And the HelloFresh recipe cards now look more like Plated’s version than their original black background format.

Hello Fresh Review Old Recipe Card

Old Hello Fresh Recipe Look

Hello Fresh Review New Recipe Card Look

New Hello Fresh Recipe Card












But I could care less about colors. The important thing was being able to continue eating interesting, healthy food after my trip without having to take time to track down all the right ingredients!

If you’re interested in trying HelloFresh for the first time, use my referral code N9DW9L to get $40 off your first box which starts at $69 before the discount (I’ll get $20 credit as well). And if you’re feeling even more inspired, go through a cashback portal to get more benefits, such as 450 American Airline miles,   300 Alaska Airline miles, or 30% cashback through (You’ll enter my referral code at checkout to get the $40 discount).


Full Disclosure: I may receive affiliate credit from links in this post or on this site which will help fund my travels. Thank you for your support!

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