Get Free Starbucks Stars and/or a $10 Starbucks Gift Card for $5

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Groupon is once again doing a targeted offer: $5 for a $10 Starbucks eGiftCard. You must be invited to get the offer, but if you’re interested it’s worth clicking the link to check if you’re eligible. I never received an email about it, but apparently I was targeted.

I also didn’t get an email that Starbucks’ Summer Game was back, so I appreciated Pizza in Motion blogging about it! This year’s Summer Game is a little different. The theme is an online board game and your entries move you a certain number of spaces. Certain spots will win you free Starbucks Stars, with some spots offering a chance at 50,000 stars.

Entries are earned by making purchases and fulfilling certain challenges. You can also get up to 32 free entries just by visiting this page daily and filling out the form.

I won 10 stars on my first play! (It takes 125 stars to get a free drink or food item)

Note: You will need a Starbucks Rewards Account to play. Signing up is free and you’ll also get a free beverage for opting in to their emails.

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