Get 20% Cashback at Starbucks Through Groupon+

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Via Doctor of Credit, get 20% cashback at Starbucks through Groupon+ for a limited time.

Groupon+ has replaced the now defunct LivingSocial Restaurants Plus in offering cashback for dining at select restaurants in major metro areas. The LivingSocial program was awesome — you just registered your credit cards and automatically got statement credit after dining. Groupon+ requires more work — first you register your credit cards, then search through the deals, which are mixed in with other local offers, claim the offer you want, and use it within a limited period of time. Tedious and convoluted.

But 20% off at Starbucks for a week might be worth the effort. Once you’ve claimed the offer, you have 7 days to earn 20% cashback for unlimited visits, capped at $1 per transaction, one transaction per visit.

Note: only Visa and Mastercard are eligible. Purchases made via the Starbucks mobile app are not eligible, though commenters on the Doctor of Credit post are reporting success.

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