Newest Version of My Coke Rewards: $5 Amazon GC for 10 Codes & More

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I knew My Coke Rewards was ending this summer, but I didn’t pay much attention to what its successor would be. Like I did with Verizon Smart Rewards (ending next week), I’d rather given up on it. But I saw a Coke Rewards deal pop up on Slickdeals and decided to check it out again.

The newest version of Coke Rewards is much simpler. There are a limited number of prizes and sweepstakes at a time. Rather than entering the codes found on bottles and packaging to amass points and redeem for a (maybe) big prize, you enter a few codes at once to claim your reward.

You can either manually type the code or just scan with your phone via Sip & Scan.a red line drawing of a phone

If you had an account from one of their previous rewards program you’ll be able to log in immediately.

At first glance it’s not exciting but worth keeping an eye on, particularly if you still have bottle caps and carton tops you haven’t tossed out yet. While it has the usual slew of sweepstakes opportunities there are also several decent redemption options at the moment.

$5 Amazon gift card for 10 product codes Limit 2a couple of people sitting at a table

Coupon for a large popcorn at AMC theaters with 10 product codesa woman holding a soda bottle

Print magazine subscription through Magazine Gold (possibly a $5 cash option) with 10 product codesa close up of a book on a table


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  1. The new code rewards program is hard for us older people to navigate…I do not know how to scan…and have tried to enter contest and was told I had won teddy bear and movie drink…but I am not computer smart and do not know how to claim them…come on coke people make it simple enough so the senior citizens can participate too

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