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Sheraton Charlotte Airport Revisited (Literally)

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For our crazy mileage run originating in Charlotte, Jeanne and I overnighted at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport on points. I’ve written about my stay there before, but I was interested to see what it was like during a normal stay and not just as a day room.

As we were deplaning, we called for the complimentary shuttle and were told the driver was on his way. That wasn’t quite true, because he arrived about 15 min later (for a 5 minute drive), but he more than made up for the wait with his friendly personality and helpful advice about which shuttle to catch the next morning, how late the various hotel restaurants and pools were open, etc.

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We checked in and the front desk folks were just as nice as the people I’d had the first time. We were given a room on the 7th floor, enthusiastically thanked for our loyalty as Gold Elites, given complimentary breakfast in the club lounge (which we weren’t expecting and couldn’t unfortunately couldn’t utilize because our departure time), and free internet as my choice of the gold status amenities.

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Indoor/Outdoor Pool Area, complete with astroturf

The room was basic but spacious, as was the bathroom. I’ve really been impressed lately with the new standards at the Sheratons I’ve visited. They’ve all had little touches that make life easier such as nail files and cotton swabs, even better shaving cream options. What I loved most about my stay there was the bed.

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I loved the bed!!! And when I say loved, I mean as soon as I lay down it sucked me into sleep. And the pillows! Best pillows EVER! Usually the pillows are either feather and send your head plummeting to the mattress or they’re too firm and cause a crick in your neck. These were perfect! My head sank about halfway down and then was cradled off to sleep…mmmmmm.

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But before sleep, we needed food. We perused the room service menu which was of decent price and variety, but decided to either do the restaurant downstairs, Oscar’s, or go to Cracker Barrel. Oscar’s menu wasn’t much more extensive than the room service menu so we decided to go to Cracker Barrel half a mile away.

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And thus I got to introduce Jeanne to a rural southern custom: walking alongside busy roads without a sidewalk. Even more authentic, it was dark with not many streetlights. Probably to Jeanne’s surprise, we did make it back safely after enjoying our country vegetables – mac and cheese, fried apples, turnip greens in bacon grease, etc.

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The next morning I woke up happy and in love with the pillows and ready to catch the 6AM shuttle to start our mileage run fun. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you have to overnight at CLT, the Sheraton is the best property around!


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