First Time Through TSA Pre-Check

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Months after United had offered me enrollment in TSA pre-check, I finally got to experience it when I was least expecting it.  The TSA agent checking IDs, waved me towards that lane and asked me if I was familiar with the process. I admitted “not really” and he said something about the airline probably explained it to me and to go left. It’s quite possible that’s not really what he said, but it was early and I was both excited and tired 🙂

There were only two people in line in front of me and both of them took their shoes off. The sign on the table though indicated that shoes could remain on and laptops and 3-1-1 toiletry bags could stay in your luggage. I asked and they said I could keep my shoes on. I went through the metal detector and it went off. Apparently my heels had metal in them and I’d need to take them off.  (In the future when I’m  flying United I’ll make an exception to my personal dress code and wear flip flops.)

Then my bags were held up because I had a jar of peanut butter in one of them (in case food wasn’t easily accessible in New Orleans). I protested that peanut butter isn’t a liquid, but apparently it’s a cream…I’m not sure if the pre-made peanut butter crackers I’d taken through in times past were allowed because they were under 3 oz of peanut butter or if it depends on the TSA agent. A search later revealed I’m not alone in my angst but that peanut butter is listed on prohibited items.

So even with all those hold ups I made it through security quickly and civilly, though sans peanut butter. The experience reminded me of what it was like to travel when I was a kid. Not a fan of the TSA, but as long as they’re going to exist, yay for pre-check!!!


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