Eating in Talkeetna, Alaska

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Because I’d rushed to make an earlier flightseeing appointment I’d skipped breakfast and was ravenous by the time we deplaned at 1:30. So I headed down the road into town and into hoards of tourists and tour buses. My Verizon phone service wasn’t the best so it took forever to pull up TripAdvisor rankings of the local restaurants, much less actual comments. But one of the top 3 ranked restaurants, Mountain High Pizza company offered reserved parking so I grabbed the one open space and parked.

Mountain High Pizza Company Talkeetna, AK

Mountain High Pizza Company porch, Talkeetna, AK

It was cute with the small town restaurant booths and décor that reminded me of high school and college days. They menu was pretty extensive offering individual slices, calzones, full pizzas, indian soup, and more. I debated between getting a whole pizza and taking the rest back to the hotel or going with one of their subs.

reindeer sub at Mountain High Pizza Company porch, Talkeetna, AK

I settled on the Reindeer sausage sub with green peppers, onions, and provolone, and a glass of the Alaskan Brewing Company White. The roll was almost pretzel roll (one of my favorites) and the sandwich quite delish and satisfying, although the super hungry should probably get at least an appetizer to share.

The drive back to Anchorage was going to be long, so I stopped at the Flying Squirrel Bakery & Café on the way out of town to pick up a snack for the road.

And I wound up getting more than I’d planned – in addition to the Lemon Rosemary sugar cookie to go, I also ordered a toothsome Nutmeg Donut Muffin and a decaf coffee (I was still cold from the glacier) to eat there.

nutmeg donut muffin at Flying Squirrel Bakery

The donut muffin, covered in sugar crystals was amazing. All the fun cake of a donut with lots of moist inside. It was so filling that I wound up delaying the cookie until I was back at hotel which was good, because the cookie wound up being a little dry. Good flavor, but strangely oily and dry at the same time.


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