More Confusion With the Hyatt Diamond Breakfast Amenity

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Jeanne & I recently did a girl’s weekend with some friends up in Greenwich, CT. Since we’re Diamonds and wanted a nice hotel, we actually picked the location so we could try out the Hyatt Regency Greenwich. We had an amazing stay (photos and review to come) but when it came to breakfast, things didn’t work out quite like we’d hoped.

There were 4 of us staying in the room that night, so learning from our recent experience at the Park Hyatt Washington, DC, I made sure the reservation was for 4 people (which did result in a higher rate) to make sure everyone qualified for the breakfast amenity. However, I only listed the name of one other person in case  I was delayed and they needed to check in early.

Hyatt Breakfast Amenity Hyatt Regency

I’d forgotten that I’d booked on the AAA breakfast rate, and was pleasantly surprised later that evening when they dropped off the breakfast voucher good for 2 breakfast buffets. Since I’d recently learned that the AAA breakfast counted in addition to the Diamond amenity, this could work out perfectly since two friends were meeting us at the hotel for breakfast the next morning. Now it looked like everyone would be covered!

Still, learning from last time, I called down the front desk before we left to make sure that the 4 people in the room were all covered for the buffet and was informed that it only covered 2. I pressed a little bit, but was confidently told it only applied to two people. This could have been front desk error, but I realized it also could be because only 2 people’s names were on the reservation even though the reservation said 4 were staying there. Belatedly, I realized “registered guest” probably meant names 🙂

Oh well, between the AAA and the breakfast amenity, the four of us were covered, so we headed down the restaurant. I love this restaurant by the way. It’s set in the inside courtyard which is smothered with tropical plants and trees and topped with a glass ceiling. It looks neither cheesy, no 80s, and perfect for the freezing cold weather.

So anyway, we get down there and I give the AAA certificate to our waitress and mention the Diamond breakfast. She’s, understandably, confused. After a bunch of back and forth about how the certificate and status aren’t the same thing, she goes back to ask someone and comes back to let us know 2 breakfast buffets would be comped. This was ultimately the outcome we wanted so I didn’t care about clarifying that this was part of our status and not a favor 🙂

The buffet is nice, but not worth paying $28. The two friends just ordered straight off the menu and their goat cheese frittatas looked amazing. I did online check out and a few days later checked my credit card statement and online hotel bill. I had been charged twice by the restaurant. Once for 2 breakfast buffets and then separately for the amount of our friends breakfast.

Gah. Not really a big deal, but frustrating all the same. I probably should have checked out at the front desk since I knew there was a possibility for confusion. As it was I called Hyatt Accounting and was able to clear it up within hours instead of the usual 2-3 days.

But this was good to know. If getting the breakfast amenity for up to 4 people in your group is important, make sure to list everyone’s name on the reservation just to be safe. And probably check with the front desk before going in to breakfast to make sure you don’t need an additional voucher, etc. And if you’re looking for a nice place to stay in Greenwich, I highly recommend the Hyatt Regency!


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