American Still Doing Executive Platinum Status Challenges For United 1Ks

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After thinking excessively through my options for an American Airlines status match, I decided to ask for the United 1K Executive Platinum match based on the success people were reporting via the Flyertalk thread. Whether or not I could actually hit the minimum base points was uncertain, but anything less than Executive Platinum that involved more unplanned travel wasn’t worth it to me. And this way I got the status upfront which made the challenge much easier.

So I called customer service, explained that I had some upcoming travel and was thinking about switching over from United because of the merger. Did they have any status matches or challenges for United 1Ks? The person I was talking to said she’d send me an email with instructions on how to quality for the status match and that was that.

The email was in my inbox before I hung up. It asked for my AAdvantage #, Date of next AA flight, and confirmation # (if available) as well as scanned copies of my most recent United 1K statement and membership card. It made no mention of it being a challenge so I was unrealistically hopeful it would be a match.

AA EXP initial email

I responded immediately and within an hour received a cordial email back telling me they had a special opportunity for me, and asking me to pick one of three 3-month ranges.

AA pick range

Ok, so it was definitely going to be a challenge. Now to find out the terms.

Shortly after I received a confirmation email letting me know I was now Executive Platinum and in order to keep the status through February 28, 2014 and gain 8 Systemwide upgrades I’d need to fly 25,000 base points in the 3 month time frame.

AA EXP terms and conditions

But since I’m an excutive platinum now, and Pizzainmotion’s presentation at the Frequent Travel University made it clear how well American treats their elite, I might just have to go for it!


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