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What’s in October’s Sample Society Box

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Just received my second Sample Society box. The first one hit it out of the park, this one is good, but not quite as exciting, but definitely worth $15.

October Sample Society box by Beauty Bar

I was most excited about Minus 417 Hand Moisturizer which reminded me of Caudalie’s hand creme.  Minus 417 has a nice smell though not overpowering, and left my hands soft without a greasy residue. Good for planes.  I prefer traditional nail polish of red, purple, or clear, but the Butter LONDON British Racing Green might tempt me.

October Sample Society Butter London British Racing Green Minus 417 Hand moisturizer

I am not a fan of the Diptyque 34 Boulevard St. Germain Eau de Toilette which self describes as having woodsy notes. It was too much for me — it rather reminded me off spraying Off bug repellant (which isn’t bad for a bug spray) 😛 The IPKN BB cream is much more of interest, though I need SPF 45 much less in the fall.

October Sample Society Diptyque 34 blvd IPKN BB cream

Last up was the packet of Radical Skin Care Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads. Its always hard to tell how much impact these things are having, but always fun to try. Unfortunately the size of the packaging — 5×7 — isn’t compact enough to make it convenient for travel.

October Sample Society Radical Skin Care

I’m new to Sample Society so am interested to hear what selections other folks are getting!


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