How To See the US Airways Upgrade List for Your Flight

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American and United Airlines make it easy to see where you stand in the pecking order for upgrades, but US Airways has always been a bit of a black box to me. The upside is that its easier for them to make decisions at the gate, the downside is you have no idea how close you might be.

You may already be aware of this functionality, but I only recently stumbled on the US Airways Upgrade and Standby lists when trying to figure out how likely we were to make our flight!

US Airways Upgrade LIst

Its accessible via their mobile site at (but funnily enough not through their app or full website) using any device.

You just check the status of the flight you’re interested in.

US Airways mobile website flight status

Then click on the Upgrade or Standby link at the top.

US Airways mobile website flight status results

And Voila!

US Airways mobile website finding upgrade list




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