Seoul, Malaysia, & Thailand Trip: Checking In and Air France Lounge at IAD

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After all the trouble I had booking my award ticket for Korean Airlines, I was not very excited when it came time to fly them. The stress from the many weeks of waiting to get a call and ultimately relying on a more travel savvy friend to intervene which resulted in multiple calls and eventually getting it booked through a Malaysian call center had left me with a childish distaste it would be hard for them to overcome.

IAD Korean Airlines First Class Check In

But the day for one my one big vacation of the year (longer than a long weekend) arrived, and my friend and I were checking in. After my previous interactions I’d expected a big ordeal about verifying the credit card I’d used to book the tickets, but it was as simple as producing the card and signing a form.

Keri Korean Airlines IAD check in

We were invited to use the Air France lounge in terminal A.

IAD Korean Airlines First Class Lounge Invite

A fun highlight was encountering the welcome party for arriving vets along the way 🙂

Dulles Vet Welcome Party

I’d never had a chance to visit this lounge and found it pleasantly spacious and well lit, though the food and alcohol offerings weren’t as extensive as the Lufthansa Senator Lounge.

Air France Lounge Dulles Terminal A

Air France Lounge Dulles

Air France Lounge Dulles seating

Air France Lounge Dulles food offerings

There were basic sandwiches of ham & butter and turkey.

Air France Lounge Dulles Sandwiches

A sliced meat and cheese option as well as some bagels with various dip options?

Air France Lounge Dulles bagels

The usual bowls of fruit and in addition, a small refrigerator with tasty fruit cups.

Air France Lounge Dulles fruit cup

And to kick off the vacation feeling, I checked to see what the sparkling/champagne options at the bar were. It was pretty decent — Nicolas Feuillatte. Nothing fancy, but a really decent champagne.

Air France Lounge Dulles Nicholas Fuellette

Korean Airlines IAD boarding

My one complaint about the lounge was the scarcity of power outlets, our little alcove had none, but that’s something that half the lounges I’m in lack.

They weren’t announcing departing flights, so 10 minutes before the boarding time on our card we left the lounge for our gate, arriving to discover a long queue had already formed. Apparently first class had already been called so we were able to board immediately.


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