Bounce Cheese Face Cream Is A New Meme

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My First Impressions beauty blog friend just introduced me to yet another box I might have to try. Memebox is not a monthly subscription service, rather they curate specific mystery boxes and themes, often with hard to find Korean products, that can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis.

Luckybox #5 Memebox

She had just received Luckybox #5, that includes fan favorites from past Luckyboxes and Memeboxes. The thrill in getting the box is not only trying new products, but there’s a certain entertainment value from the translation as well.

Luckybox #5 Contents

The highlight?

Bounce Cheese Cream by Dreams Come True.

Luckybox #5 Bounce Cheese Cream

Luckybox #5 Bounce Cheese Description“It will extend bouncily on your face such like ‘mozzarella-cheese” We also enjoyed the novelty of referring to whey as “milk serum.”

Next favorite? The SEP Face Lifting Mask. I always love trying new masks, but trying one made of “fabric normally used for body shaping underwear” is definitely a new one!

Luckybox #5 SEP face mask

Luckybox #5 Face lifting mask directions

The box also contained several other promising products like a pore minimizer, deep cleaner, facial mist, metallic nail polish, and lip gloss.

Luckybox #5 Pore Enhancer

Luckybox #5 standard contents

I thought the lip gloss was just a lip gloss, but apparently it’s also very effective at creating “Korean Lip.” Who knew?

Luckybox #5 Korea Lip

Memebox recently came out with a special edition “snail” box, which intrigues me, but not sure how I feel about using snail products…I’m definitely down for bouncing face moisturizer though.

I will definitely be keeping an eye on this company. Perhaps they’ll come out with a travel theme version!


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