Lunch Vacation: The Best BLT

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I love taking “mini” trips to explore the areas around DC and discover new restaurants, wineries, and what not slightly off my usual path. This past week a took a slightly longer lunch to try out a great restaurant I’d heard about in The Plains, VA.

About 40 minutes west of DC, Forlano’s Market is a cute little  restaurant, deli, butcher, and bakery in The Plains. Most of their food is sourced from local farms and producers, and equally exciting for me, they have a great wine list, including many from Virginia.

Forlano's Market The Plains

Forlano's Market The Plains Dining Room

I sat at the bar which looks directly into the kitchen and gave me a chance to meet the owner & chef — Nick Forlano — and listen to the friendly banter between the kitchen and local diners.

Forlano's Market The Plains Kitchen

The lunch menu is simple — sandwiches, soups, and a little humor — but even then it was difficult what to pick on my first visit.

Forlano's Market The Plains Menu Board

Forlano's Market The Plains Local Sources

I opted for the mushroom soup and the BLT. I had expected the soup would be a cream of, but instead it was a delicious, tangy, slightly sour broth with plenty of fresh mushrooms.

Forlano's Market The Plains Kennet Square Mushroom Soup

I had a chance to taste the cold cucumber fennel soup — also a winner!

Forlano's Market The Plains Cucumber Fennel Soup

Then the BLT came out soon after. Usually I can take or leave BLT’s, but when you add some caramelized onions to the mix, not to mention homemade mayo, how can you turn it down!?

Forlano's Market The Plains BLT

The sandwich was amazing, the best BLT I’ve ever had in my limited experience. And the key was the fantastic (and plentiful) bacon from Nueske’s. I’ve heard they change the BLT up a bit every now and again and as good as the ciabatta was, I think I’d love a version with thinner slices of bread.

Great food and nice little jaunt from DC if you’re looking for a change of scenery only a short drive away.


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