Can You Save Your Free Uber Ride for Later?

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You can save your credits by turning “Apply Credits” off, but your promotional free ride for signing up or referring someone doesn’t qualify.

Save Uber Credits For Later

My suspicions became fact when I used Uber in Tampa this week. I turned “Apply Credits” off and requested a car. When we arrived, my receipt showed the $10 trip had cost me nothing. Because it had used my free ride for referring. 🙁

I followed up with Uber Support just to make sure, and they confirmed that the free ride for referring a friend gets applied to your next ride no matter what.

uber free rides for referrals

So if you’re traveling for business or going a mile down the road, perhaps it’s a good time to try Lyft or take a cab…Hopefully this saves you the sadness I felt wasting $20 in ride credit.


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