UberX in New Markets Is More Serendipity Than Reliable

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I was not aware that living in Washington, DC had “spoiled me”.

By the time I finally tried Uber it was well established and there were cars everywhere (except maybe for the ice cream cars). So when I heard that UberX was in Gainesville, FL I assumed there would be cars available near the airport when I flew in this weekend.

Although part of me must not have been completely confident, as I pulled up my Uber app mutiple times during my trip to check the inventory. Not promising.

UberX Gainesville No Available Cars

By the time I landed at GNV, I had backups. I would call a couple of friends or I could rent a car to get me to my destination for only slightly more than the cost of UberX and less than a taxi. But hopefully there would be cars around since it was later in the morning and more flights were going in and out.


I jumped online and booked a car on Hotwire for $30, only to arrive at the counter of the sold out location and learn something else — that might not always guarantee you a reservation. Fortunately for me, they worked out a solution quickly.

As I was pulling out of the airport I checked Uber again just out of curiosity.

UberX Gainesville Available Cars


I’d have been willing to wait 20 more minutes if I’d known someone would show up on my map, I just had no idea if would be waiting in vain!


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