UberX in New Markets Is More Serendipity Than Reliable

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I was not aware that living in Washington, DC had “spoiled me”.

By the time I finally tried Uber it was well established and there were cars everywhere (except maybe for the ice cream cars). So when I heard that UberX was in Gainesville, FL I assumed there would be cars available near the airport when I flew in this weekend.

Although part of me must not have been completely confident, as I pulled up my Uber app mutiple times during my trip to check the inventory. Not promising.

UberX Gainesville No Available Cars

By the time I landed at GNV, I had backups. I would call a couple of friends or I could rent a car to get me to my destination for only slightly more than the cost of UberX and less than a taxi. But hopefully there would be cars around since it was later in the morning and more flights were going in and out.


I jumped online and booked a car on Hotwire for $30, only to arrive at the counter of the sold out location and learn something else — that might not always guarantee you a reservation. Fortunately for me, they worked out a solution quickly.

As I was pulling out of the airport I checked Uber again just out of curiosity.

UberX Gainesville Available Cars


I’d have been willing to wait 20 more minutes if I’d known someone would show up on my map, I just had no idea if would be waiting in vain!


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  1. Mika Pyyhkala

    September 29, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    I’ve never found UberX, Lyft, or Sidecar to be phenominal at the airport, though sometimes it works:
    1. Many drivers aren’t familiar with airport roads, navigation, terminals, different levels of terminals, they try to follow their GPS too much, etc.
    2. Often especially in bigger citys there are not good waiting areas around the airport for these drivers & they can’t wait in the taxi pool.

    I’ve had drivers flat out give up trying to find the airport even in BOS.

    Now sometimes I have gotten lucky & I will use these services, and they are less expensive usually thyan a taxi, but its not yet where you can count on it rock solid especially for a quick pickup!

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