Apparently Uber and Lyft are Illegal in Virginia

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Bad news for Virginia travelers — Uber and Lyft apparently received cease and desist orders today from the Virginia DMV.

According to this article on, Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne really likes their business models, but under current Virginia law it’s illegal. Apparently the DMV is thinking of changing Virginia’s motor carrier laws in the next year, but until then they need to shut down operations.

Now I know nothing about the current laws in any state, and whether they have merit or not. I am curious what impact this would have on the Northern Virginia area, where DC and Maryland suburbs are so close. Could you still take Uber or Lyft into Virginia? Would that result in additional fees?

Hopefully it will be a moot point as both carriers have continued to operate despite previous fines being levied. Uber has saved me more than once when I was cutting it close for an early morning flight and the taxi I called for never showed. If they are shut down it will cost me time as well as money!


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