Can You Reverse Chase Ultimate Rewards Transfers?

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If you convert your Chase Ultimate Rewards points into cashback or a statement credit, can you get them back? Not a question you want to be asking after it’s happened…

I was helping my parents book a last minute trip and after several hours of research determined that using 36,000 British Airways Avios for their short flight would be the best option vs $1,800 for the tickets or 100,000 US Airways miles.

So I asked for their log in information to see how many points they had and make the transfer into their account. My Dad couldn’t remember what it was, so volunteered to call them for that info while I was in a meeting.

The meeting was wonderfully brief and 5 minutes later I called him back.

Dad: “I have 54,000 points. They wanted me to book the tickets through their travel center but that seemed too complicated [Right choice Dad! I’ll coached you well.] so I told them to credit my account.”

Me: “Wait, what!? What does that mean?? Tell me you didn’t do that!”

Dad: “Yep, now I have a $540 statement credit”

Me: “Nooooooooooooooo!!! That was thousands of dollars worth of airline tickets.”

Feeling panicked and a little sick (since none of their other options for this weekend were tenable), I grasped at his idea of calling them back to see if they could reverse it. I knew transferring points to partners, like British Airways, is instant and irreversible. I was hoping that wasn’t the case for cashback or statement credits.

Fortunately they were able to reverse his statement credit because he called back immediately. Your results may vary.

I also called ask about the policy and got a similar response — if you contact them the same day they might be able to reverse statement credits or direct deposits, but no guarantees. If it’s been more than a day, it’s definitely too late

So if you make that same mistake call back immediately! And remember the way to maximize the value of your Chase Sapphire is the ability to transfer points 1:1 to partner airlines and hotels, not cashback and definitely not using their travel booking.


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