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Your Receipts Will Book Uber For You?

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Expensify is teaming up with Uber to make travel even more convenient. They’d already made headway into become an electronic personal assistant with their “Trips” feature. Automatically sending you check in reminders and flight updates for any hotel or airline receipts you uploaded in advance.

Expensify Uber Smart Rides

(If you’re not familiar, Expensify is an online receipt/expense organizing service. You can upload, photograph, or email them your receipts, they’ll scan and fill in all the details. This is a great way to keep track of donations, tax deductions, etc. Even better if your employer uses it for reimbursements!)

But now they’ve partnered with Uber to launch a “Smart Rides” feature. Your Expensify mobile app will detect when you’ve landed at your destination and offer to book Uber for you.

Uber Expensify Smart Rides Tech

A cool idea, though so far I haven’t found the few seconds it takes to pull up my Uber app all that onerous. I guess it does save looking up the destination address for your driver.

Apparently the phase will include having drivers to take you to the airport for the start of your trip and again when you get home.


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