Just When I Thought I Might Be Getting Jaded…

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One of the joys of traveling is getting to experience new things, both positive and negative. I just had a “travel first” which reassured me that I’m a long ways from become jaded or blasé about travel.
What was it?
Believe it or not, I had never ridden in a limo before and on Friday I got the chance! A friend with hotel status had a complimentary limo coming to pick them up from the airport and since we were on the same flight headed to the same conference, I got to ride along.
Why was it so exciting? I have no idea.
Other than having lots and lots and lots of leg room–a nice change from the 5 hours I’d just spent in US Airways economy–and cold bottles of water, it wasn’t that special. But it still felt pretty cool to me and I’ll admit to even being a little giddy.
I don’t have a picture because I was trying to play it “cool” as if I had done it before, but if I had snapped a selfie, I probably would have been glowing with ridiculous amounts of enthusiasm.
A much better situation than my first flight in International First Class back in 2009. I’d flown business and business first, but never had the service and luxury of First Class on an Asian carrier.
Stressed & overwhelmed in Asiana First

Stressed & overwhelmed in Asiana First

I was so stressed and nervous about “doing the right thing” and understanding what they were asking me, made more difficult by the language barrier, that I couldn’t relax for the first 6 hours of the trip. If you look closely in the picture above you can see all the anxiety and fatigue barely masked by my smile.
What was one of your happiest, or worst, travel firsts?

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