Video Game + Hotel Construction = Flames

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Or How I Turned My Son’s Minecraft Hotel into the Towering Inferno and Learned Lava Isn’t a Building Material.

I made a huge mistake Saturday.

My oldest, now six years old, loves elevators and hotels, and he has recently discovered Minecraft. He spent a lot of time and energy very painstakingly building a hotel (“The Embassy Suites Hyatt Regency,” he said) out of oak planks.

He wasn’t sure how to build an elevator, so we looked it up on YouTube. I, not really knowing what I’m doing, tried to place water in order to replicate the elevator as it was built on the YouTube video and accidentally placed lava instead.

As I desperately tried to douse the flames, I learned that wood burns pretty quickly in Minecraft.

It was a total loss. I’m proud of how Jacob handled it. He was upset, to be sure, but after his nap he told me that he knew it was an accident and got back to work building a newer, better hotel.

We’re planning to stay in a hotel Saturday night. I just might see if we can talk maintenance into telling us about how the sprinkler system works.


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1 Comment

  1. Darth Chocolate

    September 24, 2014 at 10:55 pm

    What? Lava isn’t a building material?

    Who knew? And when did they know it?

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