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New Changes Coming for the US Airways Mastercard

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Catching up on mail that came in over the Thanksgiving holidays and found a mailer about my favorite US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard. When the Dividend Miles program combines with the American AAdvantage program in the second quarter of 2015, I’ll be seeing some changes in addition to the ones announced previously.

us airways dividend miles mastercard changes

New Benefits:

  • 10% Rebate on Redeemed Miles up to 10,000 miles a year.
  • $100 flight discount on account anniversary each year if I spend $30,000 or more.
  • Ability to redeem miles for one way awards and First Class Upgrades (the AAdvantage program already has this)
  • Priority boarding on American Airlines {yawn — it would have been weird NOT to have this once the programs combined}

Lost Benefits:

  • 10,000 EQMs with $25,000 in spend
  • 5,000 mile discount on each award ticket
  • US Airways Club Pass
  • Companion Certificate
  • First Class check-in


Losing the option to earn 10,000 EQMs through credit card spend is HUGE. The Citi Executive American AAdvantage card requires $40,000 in spend to earn 10,000 EQMs, $15,000 more than the US Airways card.

The 5,000 miles discount on each award ticket at any level is also a blow. The The Citi Executive American AAdvantage card offers a 7,500 mile discount, but only on MileSAAver awards which are likely to have less availability.

BUT the continuing benefit of getting 10,000 anniversary bonus Dividend Miles is still worth the $89 annual fee. I will however, have to reconsider my decision to cancel my Citi Executive American AAdvantage card when the first year is up.


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