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Exciting New Benefit to US Airways MasterCard

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And it’s not the 10,000 anniversary bonus miles. Another new money saving perk has been added to the US Airways MasterCard that will probably offset the $89 annual fee. (h/t: Phillip)

25% off in-flight food and beverage purchases. This is something that has been in place with American Airlines credit cards for several years, and I’m delighted to see US Airways MasterCard following suit.

us airways mastercard 25 off onboard purchases benefit

It probably seems like a small thing, but on cross-country flights I usually opt to buy on board rather than having to try to pick up food before my flight and then try to hold it in my lap or cram it under my seat. US Airways has finally adopted the American Airlines policy of a free snack and beverage for top elites in coach but unlike American, those snacks don’t include the actual meals. Which for now, makes this credit card discount very appealing!

US Airways Premium Wine Conundrum White Blend Southern Style Salad

With the 25% discount, that $9 salad or sandwich becomes $6.75, way cheaper than the airport. Plus, this means the premium wine half-bottles become even more reasonable at $12.

I’m already big fan of the US Airways MasterCard, the ability to earn 10,000 EQMs through spend, the periodic bonus offers and perks they offer, and will probably always keep it in my wallet. This just makes it even easier to justify. 🙂


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