Hello Fresh’s New Look + $40 Off Your First Box

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Hello Fresh has been changing things up in the last year, moving to more eco-friendly packaging and redesigning their recipes. And I’m a big fan of their most recent change!

Though I love the recipes of delivery boxes like Blue Apron and Green Chef, I dislike how most ingredients are individually packaged so you essentially have to go grocery shopping in your fridge to find everything. Hello Fresh is now packing each meal (except for the meat) in a handy little box. Makes it easy to stack in the fridge and to grab everything at once!

Hello fresh new packaging boxes

Hello fresh meat shipping

Probably sounds like a silly thing to be excited about, but after a long work day sparing myself even a little frustration is great.

And if you’re interested in trying Hello Fresh for the first time, use my code N9DW9L when signing up to get $40 off your first box (a better deal than the current TV offer of $20 or the Columbus Day offer of half off).

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