Uber Deal on Groupon: $24 in Credit for New Users

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Came across this Uber deal on Groupon — spend $6 to get 3 free rides up to $8. Valid for new customers only. The going “sign up bonus” for new users is currently around $15-$20 towards your first ride, though IHG is offering $20 + 2,000 points.

So why is this a deal worth mentioning? Unless your first ride is a long one, you’re not going to be able to maximize the free ride credit. Just going a few blocks? You’ve wasted your $15-$20 credit on a $10 ride.

That’s why it actually appeals. You’re spending $6 for $24 in credit, so you’re getting $6 in free credit for each of your first 3 rides. Not bad if you’re going to be making short trips.

So if you haven’t tried Uber yet and you don’t plan to make your first ride a long one, consider this option.

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