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Suite Views of the Harbor: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

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I spent my second night in Hong Kong at the Grand Hyatt, one of the stays I was most looking forward to. I was in the midst of a Hyatt Diamond status challenge and was excited to see what kind of treatment I would get.

Basic rooms were going for about $400 in early July, but fortunately my corporate code knocked the price down to about $277. Still pricey, but a better deal than I was seeing at most nice hotels on the island for my dates.

We’d gone site seeing in the morning, picked our luggage up from the Conrad and headed over early afternoon. I’d been upgraded to a Grand Harbor View Suite, not bad for my rate!

They use electronic keys there, which I found really fun. I was tempted to “lose” one in my purse so I could keep it, but didn’t want to risk having to pay a fee (no idea if I would have).

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong electronic keys

The Suite was great, the views were amazing, but the decor felt weird to me. It was as if a recent graduate had just landed a well paying corporate job and bought brand new furniture but didn’t actually have time to decorate. Everything was nice, but the walls and suite felt bare.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Grand Harborview Suite Living Room

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Grand Harborview Suite bedroom

The bathroom on the other hand was extremely ornate in all black marble.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Grand Harborview Suite bathroom

They’d thoughtfully provided a bottle of wine and snacks.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Grand Harborview Suite Diamond gift

The bedroom had a nice view, but the living room had the best. The only downside was that all the furniture is arranged facing inland, so we wound up moving it around in the evening so we could drink our wine gazing out at the amazing view.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Grand Harborview Suite Living Room View

AND they had a red version of our favorite yellow chair in the Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Grand Harborview Suite Red Chair Grand Hyatt Singapore Grand Suite King awesome yellow chair

After settling into the room we headed out to the pool, located on the 11th floor and overlooking the conference center and the harbor.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Pool

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Pool View

The pool felt small to be shared with the adjoining hotel, but there weren’t many people out so it never felt crowded. We napped in the humid Hong Kong heat for awhile and then headed up to grab drinks and appetizers in the amazing lounge.

The lounge (which was so nice I didn’t really feel comfortable taking pictures) is accessed via a wide curved staircase.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Club Lounge staircase

It looks directly out onto the harbor, probably one of the best views in the hotel. It has ornate 2 story ceilings and some of the best service, topping even my favorite Grand Hyatt Singapore Lounge.

Their appetizers is a full buffet with cheese, charcuterie, hot items, fruit, dessert, and a chef to toss a custom salad for you. The beverage options were great — we’d been drinking prosecco in most of the Asian lounges, but the Grand Hyatt was actually offering champagne. And it was clear they’re quite happy for you to spend the whole evening hanging out there.

The food offerings are designed to offer you a full meal if you don’t feel like going out, and the assistant manager Scott was great about learning people’s names and asking them how their day of presentations or site-seeing had gone. It had the feel of a home/community more than a hotel.

Since the view was fantastic, we scrapped our plans to go to dinner and just stayed there watching the sun set.

Hong Kong Harbor Sunset  Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Club Lounge

Unfortunately we needed to catch an early ferry to Macau the next day, so we couldn’t linger in the wonderful atmosphere, but I highly recommend the hotel if you can find an affordable rate or use points.

And is it worth using a suite upgrade if you don’t want to gamble on upgrades as an elite? YES. the view and club is so spectacular you don’t need to go anywhere else to “experience” the night view.


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