More Travel WTF: Fingernails in Shoes & In-Flight Yoga

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If those overhead bins could talk…I was having dinner with a friend and she mentioned reading Jeanne’s Biggest WTF Moments While Traveling. She had her own on recent Frontier flights to/from Detroit.

On the outbound flight the woman next to her pulled out some nail polish and started doing her nails. I’ve had that happen before and the flight attendants quickly shut that down — you don’t want all those fumes recirculating for the entire flight. But apparently on this 50 minute flight no one said anything.

But it gets worse.

As the friend, who recently had ankle surgery, was leaving the plane, she was like “what’s that in my ankle boot?”

The woman’s fingernail clippings had wound up falling between the straps of the support boot into the cushioned sole, where apparently they stuck and were hard to get out. GROSS.

On the return flight everything seemed fine during boarding until her seatmate sits down, Indian style, taking up more than their seat space and stays that way for the entire flight. I’ve only had that happen to me once, on a trans-Atlantic flight when the middle seat between us was open. Definitely not on a sold out flight with someone next to you!

In the grand scheme of things, none of these are as obnoxious as the passenger on the Modern Family director’s flight, but still not pleasant.

Now if you were wondering, the actual Frontier Airlines flights went smoothly for my friend — she paid in advance to check a bag since it was cheaper than paying for carry-on. The line for online baggage check in was way shorter. And apparently the seats were actually pretty comfortable, even sitting in the middle.


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