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Spirit’s Latest Promotion

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Spirit Airline Baggage FeesLast week Spirit had a different promotion than I’ve seen in the past. One day they offered 20% off your fare, the next day 15% off your fare, and on the third day 10% off your fare.

It looks like they’re continuing to try this promotion out to see if it entices more people to fly on Spirit. Today the deal is 15% off for travel from Oct 21, 2014 – Nov 20, 2014, Dec 2, 2014 – Dec 17, 2014 or Jan 6, 2015 – Feb 11, 2015. Not valid for travel on Sundays.

This promotion code is good through 11:59 pm on Oct 13th. To use it you’ll need to put “15PCT” in the promotion code box when you search flights.

I have no flights planned on Spirit at this time, but I’ll be interested to hear if anyone else tries it and if it saves them any money. If the discount saves you at least $34 per round-trip ticket that would save you the “usage fee” you get charged from buying the tickets online. Which then would at least save you a trip to the airport to buy your tickets for the same price.

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