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Awesomeness an Hour Outside of Laramie

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Drive an hour north of Laramie, Wyoming and you’re in for a treat. Not the beautiful yet blank scenery, though there’s plenty of that.

drive from laramie to rawlins


Surprisingly good Mexican food! Surprising only because there’s not much in Rawlins, WY.

And some of the best I’ve ever had, though I imagine that depends personal experience. Driving up to the Grand Tetons we stopped for lunch in Rawlins and picked Rose’s Lariat Restaurantt.

Roses Lariat Rawlins WY back entrance

It’s unprepossessing exterior was a good sign (it turns out we were coming in the back door). There were 4 tiny tables in a small room leading directly into the kitchen and then to the right was a small bar with counter seating.

Roses Lariat Rawlins WY outdoor patio

The weather was gorgeous so we opted to sit outside. Very spicy hot salsa full of vegetable chunks and a nice topping of cheese were brought out with fairly average tortilla chips.

Roses Lariat Rawlins WY salsa and chips

The menu had a variety of options, including two “specials” sections.

Roses Lariat Rawlins WY menu

Roses Lariat Rawlins WY full menu

And be sure to check out what was listed under “The Lighter Side.” 🙂

Roses Lariat Rawlins WY lighter side menu

I figured the food would be better than average but I wasn’t prepared for quite how good it was.

The red sauce on the cheese enchiladas contained cinnamon. Mmmmm.

Roses Lariat Rawlins WY enchiladas

The cheese quesadilla with fresh green chiles was stuffed to bursting! The beans and rice wer good but not remarkable.

Roses Lariat Rawlins WY green chiles quesadilla

The beef chimichanga was crispy and tender. I think I actually like chimichangas now, before they just seemed excessively fried.

Roses Lariat Rawlins WY chimichanga

And of course after eating all that food we couldn’t not check out how good the dessert might be so we ordered a churro and were warned it wasn’t a typical churro. It was a tortilla deep fried and topped with cinnamon sugar. Sold.

Roses Lariat Rawlins WY sopapillas

And it was even better than described. More than a dozen tortilla triangles liberally coated with cinnamon and sugar ready for dipping in vanilla bean ice cream.

Definitely worth a stop!

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