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Targeted Mileage Plus Dining Promo: 300 Bonus Miles per $100

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Mileage Plus Dining has a targeted One Bite at a Time promo: for every $100 you spend at participating restaurants through December 31, they’ll award an extra 300 bonus miles. The good news is that it’s accrued spend, not $100 in one sitting. YRMV, but no harm in trying to register.

Depending on your existing status, you can earn from 3 1/2 up to 8 miles per $. Participating in this promo could even push you to VIP level.

VIP Member (12+ dines) = 5 miles per dollar spent + 3 bonus miles
Online Member (opt in to marketing emails) =3 miles per dollar spent + 3 bonus miles
Member (opting out of everything) = 1 mile per 2 dollars spent + 3 bonus miles

The deal breaker for me is that they require you to complete dining reviews to qualify. So 10 visits at $10 means 10 reviews to write, although as far as I know, a simple “Good food, decent service.” might suffice.

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