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As I’ve said before I’m a bit of a planner. But I’ve also had to readjust and figure out a new plan at the last minute; so I try not to be so tied to a plan that I’m not willing to adjust or change if a better deal comes along or the circumstances change. So was the case with our weekend to Atlanta. are planning to go to Atlanta for a wedding over one of their busiest weekends of the year. Because of that we were absolutely against non-reving that weekend since that left so much to chance. Originally I was going to buy us cheap tickets on Spirit, but we were still figuring out our plans and the price of tickets went up to a point that made that option no longer worth it. So we decided we would drive out. It’s only a 12-hour drive and both Hyatt and Marriott were running promotions where it might benefit us to stay at those chains en route. Then came (dramatic music)… the game changer.

Some old friends of ours were moving to Texas this summer. They don’t live in the DFW area, but close enough that planning weekend visits should be feasible while they live here. They made the offer to watch the kids for us this weekend while we go to the wedding (which would solve a lot of logistical issues we were having).

My immediate response was of course I couldn’t ask them to do that, especially with them having just moved, etc. etc. Then I started thinking about it. First I tried to come up with a plan with driving to drop the kids off then driving to Atlanta. That was 100% out of the question. It would increase our drive time by at least 50% and would ultimately make everything more complicated instead of less. a lark I started looking at the flight loads if we non-reved. I looked at them for Saturday, and they were… pretty good. Then I looked at Monday, they were not as good getting home, but definitely still in the feasible range. We looked at public transportation vs. renting a car in Atlanta; public transportation looked like a good option. So I called our friends, we made the plans, I canceled our hotel reservations en route, and we’re now non-reving to Atlanta for the wedding weekend in September. Granted, I will be surprised if everything goes off without a hitch, but here’s hoping. 🙂

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