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A Guide To Flying US Airways

If the merger has you increasing or beginning to fly US Airways, here are our past tips and experiences navigating their system. Some of these might become irrelevant once the systems merge, but until then, hope they help!

Booking/Managing Your Flights

Why Where You Connect With US Airways Matters…. A LOT

US Airways MoveUp Policy Explained

US Airways Lets You Track Your Baggage Online

Great Way to Move Over to US Airways

Why You Should Always Get the Orange Priority Tag on Your Star Alliance Bags

Trip in Vain is an Actual Policy

Do NOT Book with Expedia if You Want Your Upgrades on US Airways

New US Airways Glitch: Elites Traveling Together Won’t Get On the Upgrade List

Will You Get Upgraded into First Class on a Last-Minute US Airways Trip?

How To See the US Airways Upgrade List for Your Flight

US Airways Automatically Checking On My Upgrades Before the Upgrade Window?

Upgraded With No Available Seats?

Getting Elite Status

US Airways Limiting Ability to Buy Elite Status March 1

Does American Now Count as US Airways Metal for Elite Trial Status?

Is it Too Late to Buy-Up to Preferred Status on US Airways?

Why You May Want to Get a US Airways Preferred Trial When Not Going for Status

Making the Most of US Airways Trial Preferred

Go for the Gold (Status) on US Airways or Just Buy It?

US Airways Quick Road to Status (Elite USAirways Status through Trial Preferred)

Forgotten Benefits to Being an Elite–The Late Ticketing Fee

Redeeming Miles

What Happens If You Want to Downgrade An Upgraded Flight?

When Do I Outright Buy Miles?

US Airways Miles: When Do I Upgrade With Miles…

How US Airways’ Route Map Makes Upgrading with Miles a Great Option for East/West Coasters

Are US Airways International DineFresh Meals Worth It?

US Airways MarketPlace Pre-Order On Board Now Rolling Out to Everyone

15% Off Gogo Monthly Internet Pass

Using the Upgrade List to Determine If You’ll Make Your Flight?

Airport Lounges

Priority Pass Card Holders Losing Access to US Airways Clubs After March

The US Airways Club is Open in Philly’s Terminal F!

Complimentary US Airways Club Day Passes *aren’t* Useless as Club Members

Food for Order in the US Airways Lounge


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