3 Days in Singapore: My Flight is Cancelled. Or is it?

3 Days In Singapore Trip Report:
Finally Getting to fly Singapore Air
Overnight at the Sheraton North Houston
My Flight is Cancelled. Or is it?

I made it into Houston with no problem. I was flying United as a 1K on a Weds night flight and I was still 8th on the list for upgrades. The back of the plane was pretty empty, maybe only 30-40 people in Economy, and most folks got their own row, including me.
With all my time on US Airways recently I’d forgotten how much I do enjoy United’s economy plus and in- flight entertainment (which is better than nothing). ButI digress. My flight was fine and I had no trouble getting to the Sheraton Houston North.

However, minutes before I left the Sheraton to check in for my Singapore flight, I nearly had a heart attack. I idly wandered up to the flight status screen in the lobby and looked for my flight. Cancelled.

Wha!? I ran back to my bags, pulled out my ipad and phone and immediately tried to pull up the flight information. I had JUST checked in online an hour and a half before and had no problems. How could this be?? The hotel internet was running slow so it wasn’t until I was on the shuttle to the airport that I got Singapore Airlines site up on the phone where it showed on-time, but googling SQ 061 indicated it was cancelled.

Copy of SAM_1624

The weekend before had taught me not to trust websites, which meant I had no idea what was happening. I started looking up all other Singapore flights from the US and what connecting flights on United/Star Alliance carriers I’d need to get there. What I didn’t want to happen was to get stuck in United First or something all the way to Singapore, especially since the whole point of the trip was to try Singapore Air!

We finally arrived at the terminal and I come flying off the bus, practically running to the ticketing desk forgetting all thoughts of taking pictures of the check in area.

I arrive breathless and freaked out. The lady asks how my day is, surely she wouldn’t have done that so calmly if my flight had been cancelled? Finally I just ask.

“Oh no. The flight is on-time. That’s funny, other people have also said it’s showing up as cancelled.”

Obviously not something they can control, but you think they’d be a little more proactive about reassuring people? :) Anyway, check in happened quickly and I did stop to take a few pictures after the fact.

Singapore Air Houston check in

I made my way through security, having to wait quite awhile for a female screener to come over for my pat down.

Houston Premium security

Since I’d left on the earlier shuttle I had about 1 ½ hours until boarding time, so I headed over to the United Club to wait. The line was out the door and when 10 minutes later I was handing the agent my boarding pass, she apologized and said they’d had card fraud. Wow.

The lounge was packed, which was to be expected in the late afternoon. Remembering Point Me to the Plane’s tip about the 3rd floor, I went directly up there and settled in. It was much quieter, plenty of seating choices and the same snack options. The only problem? No bathrooms on that floor. And with that many people in the lounge I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving my stuff unattended.
So I wound up leaving a little early to stop by the restrooms, arriving at my gate a good 30 minutes before boarding.

Next Up: Houston to Moscow


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