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My Top 10 Destinations of 2015

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Looking back at everywhere I’d been this year, I feel so incredibly blessed. Despite (or perhaps because of) a new career path I was able to indulge in more travel, finally seeing places and doing things that had been on my wish list of year. I don’t know what 2016 will bring, but 2015 was even more amazing than I thought possible.

Here were my top 10 destinations over the last 12 months. What were yours?

10. Thanksgiving Dinner 40,000 Feet Above the Atlantic
This might be cheating just a little bit, but I had to include it. Not only did I get to try out Etihad’s First Apartment on the inaugural JFK-AUH A380 flight, but I also got to have a fancy Thanksgiving dinner with The Points Guy complete with on-board chef and butler and take an inflight shower!

credit: The Points Guy

                                                                                                                    credit: The Points Guy

9. Charity Boxing Match in San Diego, California
The Community Youth Athletic Center, who narrowly escaped having their gym for underprivileged kids taken by eminent domain, was hosting a charity boxing match to raise funds and I was able to pop out there for a front row seat! I also got a chance to try an amazing French restaurant and breakfast on the golden sands of Coronado.
CYAC Battle of the Badges blue corner

8. Wine Tasting in Willamette Valley, Oregon
I have long longed to go wine tasting out in Oregon and I finally got my wish, though only for a day. I fit in 6 wineries and finished up with my first ever AirBnB stay and an intriguing tasting menu in downtown McMinnville.
Bergstrom Wines tasting room views willamette valley
7. Denali National Park, Alaska
Funnily enough, on my two trips to Alaska this year, North Pole was a let down. But, believe it or not, spending 13 hours on a bus was not. I took an all day tour went to the end of the road in the Denali National Park, covering some amazing scenery and allowing us some incredible wildlife-spotting.
Denali National Park Katishna Experience Bus Tour Keri Painted Mountains

6. Wyoming’s Oregon Trail
My first visit to Wyoming was fantastic. I loved Laramie, I loved Jackson Hole (once we found a hotel), I loved the Grand Teton National Park! Words can’t describe how excited I was though to discover that wagon wheel ruts from the Oregon Trail still existed in Guernsey. So of course my friends and I had to relive the middle school memories of “dying of dysentary on the Oregon Trail.”
you have died of dysentery the Oregon Trail ruts guernsey wy

5. Taj Mahal in Agra, India
There were many ups and downs with my first trip to India in February. I really liked Chennai, but was rather disenchanted by Dehli and Agra. Particularly after the Taj Majal arbitrarily confiscated my selfie-stick.  But even with all of that, it was still the Taj Majal with a beloved friend and impressive.
Taj Mahal Agra Keri Vijaya

4. Touring & Tasting in Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany has been on my top 3 list for years and years and a mileage run from Milan to Sao Paolo, Brazil was the perfect excuse to finally go there. Though I encountered some weirdness as a solo traveler, my afternoon in Florence, day in Siena, and wine tasting in Chianti were fantastic.
things to do in florence san miniato al monte view

3. Dubai Desert, United Arab Emirates
The UAE was never on my list, but I spent a week there over Thanksgiving and had my mind blown by the gorgeous desert scenery around the Al Maha Resort. Not to mention the thrill of sunset camel rides and my first time dune bashing and riding English style.
Al Maha Resort Dunes Dubai in distance
2. Priorat, Spain with My Dad
My dad and I took our first international trip together this fall and he picked Spain. Despite forgetting my laptop power cord we had a great time in Barcelona, Tortosa, Penedes, and Priorat. The highlight was definitely our wine tasting at Clos de L’Obac in Grattallops, Spain.
Keri & Rick Spain

1. Iguazu Falls, Argentina
I heard the falls were impressive, but I was not prepared. Dozens and dozens of falls, the brightest rainbows you’ve ever seen everywhere, and the ability to stand right over the roaring drop.
Iguazu Falls Devils Throat western view

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